Perch: 3 big-hearted chefs feed thousands of vulnerable locals

A chef's spontaneous gesture to cook for people in need during the pandemic has become a massive heart-warming effort - providing over 1,000 free meals per week.

Tom Jackson, who runs Perch barbecue restaurant and cocktail bar in N16, his Head Chef Milo Vandivier and his friend chef James Fox, were so moved by the plight of the poor and vulnerable during lockdown that they dedicated their time to help.

Every day they and a team of volunteers cook and distribute hundreds of nutritious meals to people in most need via charities like women's shelters, St Mungos, Islington People's Army as well as the police and other organisations.

Tom said: "What started out as a small and spontaneous gesture has quickly grown: we are now providing over 1000 meals a week and have been inundated with requests to make more."

Since they launched the initiative, they've supplied more than 3,000 free meals.

He urged people to donate to their Go Fund Me page to help ensure they meet the "huge demand," adding: "by donating you will be helping us provide for those who are depending on us.

Head onto their Go Fund Me page to help fund more meals.

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