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Lockdown brings unprecedented demand for home beer deliveries

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Forget organising a piss up in a brewery – these days the brewery comes to you!

London’s breweries are working flat out to keep up with an influx of orders since the lockdown started and, most are offering home delivery.

BrewDog describe “unprecedented volumes of orders.”  Londoners are spoilt for choice when it comes to local breweries to support and many can be found on London’s new lockdown survival site My Virtual Neighbourhood.

MVN Founder Basil Fansa said: “Overnight, the way we socialise has changed beyond recognition. It’s remarkable how quickly local businesses have adapted to continue to trade.  Breweries have been hit hard by the closure of pubs and restaurants but it seems that if Londoners can’t go to pubs and taprooms, they’re pretty quick to order the brewery to home.”

Among the breweries delivering to London homes are Hackney’s Deviant and Dandy (Local Buyers Club members save 10%), East London Brewing Company, Brew by Numbers, Hammerton Brewery and The Five Points Brewing Company. Click here to find a list of breweries that deliver to your door.

Alcohol sales in the UK rose by 22% in March as people stockpiled booze for lockdown, while grocery sales were up by 20.6%. 

Find out which local businesses near you are delivering during lockdown : Click HERE

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