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It’s time to fight back!

Updated: May 21, 2021

Community life as we know it is under threat from so-called dark kitchens, the dominance of Amazon and landlords demanding sky-high rents.

With the likes of Deliveroo charging restaurants up to 35% commission and setting up dark kitchens in empty car parks that ultimately compete with local businesses, we need to make a concerted effort to order direct from businesses which have a visible presence and to pay them a fair price.

Imagine for a moment what life would be like in your neighbourhood without independent shops, cafes and restaurants.

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They’re the character, the beating heart of our communities – the friendly faces greeting us and talking kindly to our children, the organisers of local events that bring us all together, the employers who give local kids their first Saturday jobs.

Often, it’s the small businesses which take a strong ethical stance – selling local, sustainable goods, paying a fair wage, the right amount of tax and offering good working conditions. These businesses are the welcoming face when you move to the area, they’re what visitors remember and talk about afterwards and what draws them back.

If you don’t want life to be grey, mundane and generic, vote with your wallet! Even if you just make a conscious choice to switch some of your weekly spending to smaller businesses, it will have a huge impact if everyone did it.

The rewards of shopping local and supporting smaller businesses are great - put simply, it’s good for the soul.

Browse lovely local businesses near you at Support our campaign for stronger communities by joining London’s shop-local club for just £12 at . Discover, support and save at indies near you and make choosing local even more rewarding.

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About My Virtual Neighbourhood

My Virtual Neighbourhood launched in March 2020 during the first lockdown – since then it’s had hundreds of thousands of hits, has been praised by the likes of Jay Rayner and has become the shop-local platform for Wandsworth, Hackney and Camden councils, with more joining soon. It has become the main source of online referrals for many small businesses in London and listings are free, with an option for a premium listing to gain more exposure.

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